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Precious wool, harvested by hand. This down that the wind once blew away,

the Nomads today make it one of the finest wools in the world.






Our throws, presented in two collections, are the fruit of the rigorous selection of the best Mongolian wools. The natural heat of the yak is carefully combined with different weights to offer products that will please you as much on a summer evening at the seaside, in spring in the mountains or of course in winter on the terrace of a café.

We design a natural material, our workshops work on it, but always to leave room for a pure product. From the nomadic breeder who combed the wool in the spring to your plaid, the material has remained intact and guarantees healthy pleasure on your skin or that of your children. This is important to us.

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UB CASHMERE creates a link between women and men living in the high mountains of Asia, between Mongolia and Nepal, and its customers in the rest of the world.

Our partner workshops share with us the respect for breeders and their pastoral environment.  Create, yes, but always with the spirit of enhancing a natural resource without waste and without overproduction. We prefer excellence and work with quantities and a rhythm that follow those of Nature.

Draped in the softness of our plaids, warm with our scarves, you will be elegant and so unique with yak wool.

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