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During normal use (heavy use in winter and occasional use in other seasons), one wash per year may be sufficient. Yak or Hircus goat (cashmere) wool retains little dust. Airing your plaid or scarf from time to time is enough to clean them

Machine washing is not recommended. Woolen items should be washed gently by hand in cold or lukewarm water (maximum 30°c), as hot water causes shrinkage or changes in shape.

General rules :

  • Machine washable, wool wash cold in short, delicate cycle

  • Where

  • Gentle hand wash recommended

  • After rinsing, gently squeeze without twisting

  • Shape and dry on a flat surface.

  • Never hang when wet. Do not hang or stretch it until it is completely dry. Keep away from heat-generating devices, as they make the wool rough.


Yak wool is less sensitive to pilling than cashmere and this is even less present on plaids or scarves, this phenomenon is much rarer than on clothes that rub with the skin or other fabrics.

Wearing static materials on cashmere leads to pilling. Keep them away from items with sharp edges and hooks (purses, earrings).

A plaid is put on oneself. Avoid sitting on it and then shooting it.

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