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Our scarves combine the softness of yak down and the elegance of Italian weaving.

Ocher yellow, jade blue … shine and have a rare charm. Our Kazan models are the union of the two most precious wools in Asia: Yak and Cashmere.

In a rhythm of short chevrons, the ALTAN models are more discreet and surprise with their deep colors: saffron, petrol blue or burgundy underlined by the natural brown of the yaks.

Vendôme is a separate piece in our collection. Entirely in cashmere, this model follows a particular request.   Only the finest cashmere from Mongolia - less than 16 microns - is used for this oversized knit scarf.

The warmth of yak wool will make every autumn and winter pleasant. This fiber is also one of the strongest in the animal world and makes it a valuable companion for many years.

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