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NOS MATIERES - laine de yack - laine de



The yak is a semi-wild animal that can only survive in a grazing environment above 2,000 meters above sea level. A healthy environment that provides high quality down.

The natural colors of yaks are mostly brown (mocha or lighter) and a very small number platinum gray.

Yak down is among the finest in the animal world, but also one of the rarest, due to low production.

At UB CASHMERE, we look for the best and only choose fibers with a fineness between 15 and 19 microns.   The touch is silky and has the softness of one of the finest wools.

What makes yak an exceptional material are also its other properties. Yak wool is:

Thermoregulator: This is the secret of the luxury of this wool: Wrap yourself in our wools and forget why you feel so good! Wool breathes and causes no suffocating heat. Your skin continues to breathe while being protected from cold and humidity. The wool will absorb moisture, 30% of its volume, to release it slowly. This humidity also gives it its softness (in summer it is sometimes recommended to spray water on your plaids to restore their suppleness and softness).

Hypoallergenic: Due to living at very high altitude, the yak, unlike other animals, does not produce oil. This exempts it from chemical treatment and makes this wool truly pure and healthy.

Hypoallergenic: if some are very sensitive to sheep's wool, the fineness of yak wool will reconcile them with natural fibres. Yak wool is known to create no known allergies.

hot: warmer than cashmere and merino! Our plaids can also be worn as a shawl. The different weights offered make it possible to have a plaid that will be suitable for cool spring mornings or evenings by the sea. And not just in winter.


For all these properties, we recommend yak throws for both indoor use and travel.

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