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Price excl. VAT: €245.83

Price including tax: 295€


VAT Included |
  • Lightweight knit blanket, perfect for your living room or to accompany you on your travels.

    It can be worn in summer, by the sea or in the evening, as well as in winter.

    The colorful cashmere stitching lines recall the yellow of Mongolian Buddhism and the green of Nature, against a background of raw nature: the warm mokka brown or the very elegant silver gray of yak down.

    Blanket knitted in Mongolia.

    Nitrogen-free cashmere. Suitable for children.

  • To preserve all the beauty of your natural wool blanket, we recommend dry cleaning, carried out by a professional.


    Hand wash in cold water ( see our care instructions ).  

    Natural wool throws like humidity and little direct sun or an atmosphere that is too dry.

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