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For several decades, only the big luxury houses have been interested in this wool from the high mountains of Asia.

Our intention is a collection of high quality yak wool products to enhance the work of nomadic herders and offer a modern and elegant design as a real alternative to cashmere. The overproduction of cashmere leads to the overexploitation of pastures. The ecological consequences are terrible in both Mongolia and China, with goats also devouring the roots of bushes. The land is impoverished and desertification is increasing.

Developing a sector for yak wool consolidates the nomads in their choice of life, allows them an additional income which could in the long term allow them to turn away from intensive goat farming.

Wool is a product at the heart of the life of steppe families. It is a precious asset to protect yourself from the cold in the yurt as well as outside. Among nomadic peoples, nothing is wasted and everything must be able to be reused.

From our to the packaging, we only use recyclable materials and categorically renounce any plastic product.

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Yaks are noble animals. Traveling companion of monks, admired by Chinese emperors, it remains a semi-wild animal. The nomads paint them in the spring, when the fine weather returns. The harvested down that would otherwise be lost naturally and irregularly is collected in the spring   by the breeders.

This causes no suffering for the yaks. Increasingly this process is also used for goats.


The selection of our workshops was made by the quality of their production and just as much by the sharing of common values. We all work thanks to the work of breeders who live a simple and rough life in climates down to -40°c. We value their wool but do not forget them and the price of raw wool is based on the higher price of cooperatives that support the activity of breeders.

Our partners, two companies run by women, guarantee adequate income and working conditions for their employees. In Nepal, our partner, an SME from Kathmandu, is committed to actively participating in the integration of women into working life.


It is these values of respect and excellence that we put into our products and into the relationship we create with our customers.




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