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After having discovered in UB ( Oulanbaator ), in 2005, the wool  of yak, the idea progressed the years and finally we created UB CASHMERE! Or how to combine nature and traditional craftsmanship with the comfort of our modern lives.

As Sonia Delaunay created a unique work from the moving prose of Blaise Cendrars, we want to make unique handcrafted items out of semi-wild and precious wool.

Our identity is the strength of our values. We have promised Mongolian breeders to make their wool accessible luxury products to promote this resource. Without looking for volume, without trying to dye it shamelessly! UB CASHMERE are reduced quantities of the most natural products possible.

To offer the best products, it was a long quest before selecting the best yarns and the best craftsmen.

The design is made in France. We work with independent designers specializing in knits or weaving.

The partner workshops in Mongolia and Nepal work for major luxury houses present in Europe or the United States. We benefit from their know-how and thank them for their trust.

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